EMSC Montessori LTD is divided into seven areas and each area is designed with each age group in mind:

Baby Room

We care for babies from 1 year upwards in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. In our specially designed baby room the staff will help you to settle your baby in and we will ensure an easy transition from home for you and your child.

We have a programme of care specifically designed for each baby’s age and stage of development. Our babies have their first introduction to water and sand play, painting, textures, books etc… We provide you with a daily written report detailing all nutrition, sleeping, nappy changing and medical administration so you can monitor your baby’s routine.

Our sleep room is cosy and decorated with a great feeling of relaxation. Our baby room has its own separate nappy changing facilities.

Toddler Room 1

This room caters for Wobblers and Toddlers so we have specifically designed low level furniture which encourages the children to walk and develop their co-ordination. At this age each child loves to explore and experiment with everything in the room. They are becoming more independent so we adapt the routine to cater for their needs. The children are given lots of love and attention as they are becoming independent.

The environment is play based with planned activities such as sand and water play, arts and crafts, painting, sticking, drawing etc. Staff plan the themes based on the children interest both for indoor and outdoor. The children engage in all types of play including group play, fantasy play and independent play. There are separate nappy changing and sleep facilities for the children. We provide a weekly written report detailing nutrition, sleeping, nappy changing and medical administration.

Toddler Room 2

In our Toddler 2 room the children’s language is increasing and they are formulating sentences.
Staff encourage language development by asking lots of open ended questions, reading and singing songs on a daily basis.

The staff will discuss toilet training with you and decide when is the right time for you child to start toilet training.
We have special low level toilets which assist children when toilet training.
We have alot of experience in this area and will be able to offer plenty of support to parents and children.
From following the children’s interests the staff will plan themes best suited to each child. Activities such as water and sand play, arts, crafts, baking, music and movement and outdoor play are all part of each child daily activities.

There are a separate nappy changing and sleeping facilities available for the children. We provide a weekly report detailing nutrition, sleep times, nappy changing and medical administration.

Montessori Rooms

The children are introduced to the Montessori Method of Education from the age of 2.5 years. We have two fully equipped classrooms.
The Montessori curriculum is divided into 5 areas: Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Arithmetic and Culture.
Extra curricular areas include Music and Movement, French, Irish, Monkeynastix, baking, Christmas concerts, sports day.
Each child develops at his / her own pace.

Parent teacher meetings are held at the end of the school year and children who are going to national school are given a transition report which is then given to the teachers in the schools with the parent’s permission.
Aistear and Síolta is embedded in the Montessori principles and practices.

ECCE Preschool Rooms

We have 2 ECCE Preschool rooms which offer the Government Scheme for 3hrs per morning, 5 mornings per week, 38 weeks of the year from September to June.

In delivering the ECCE Scheme to all our Preschool children, EMSC Montessori LTD. adheres to the principles of Siolta and Aistear (please see the section on Education for more information on both of these). We provide every child in our care with the very best education, encouraging learning through a fun, safe and loving environment. We aim to help prepare each child for the transition to primary school as for many this is their first experience of early learning, the starting–point of their education and social development outside the home.

Outdoor Play Areas

Our crèche has three large outdoor play areas. Two of the play areas have all weather safety surfaces and we have one large garden area surrounded by beautiful trees. The children have direct access to the outdoor areas from their play rooms. In the spring time we have herb gardens which the children love to plant in. All play areas are equipped with a wide variety of toys, climbing frames, slides, playhouses etc.

We also have a large sand house which the children play in all year round. The children have lots of freedom to stand walk run whisper talk or shout, to create or recreate, to be alone or surrounded.

Playing outdoor stimulates the children’s senses, increases social interactions, greatly benefits health and well-being, gives children a good knowledge and respect for nature and it is great for their cognitive functioning.

Outdoor play is part of the children’s daily routine at our crèche.

Opening Hours

The crèche opens from 7.45am - 6.00pm Monday - Friday. We are open all year round excluding bank holidays.