At EMSC Montessori LTD, we understand how importance it is to establish good healthy eating patterns from a very young age.

We believe in providing highly nutritious meals not only for the child’s health and physical wellbeing, but also to develop their taste buds and social skills involving food.

  • We provide breakfast, morning and afternoon snack and a hot dinner.
  • Home made bread and scones are baked daily.
  • We met the standards set out by the pre-school services for food and nutrition.
  • We provide suitable sized portions.
  • For drinks, the children can choose milk or water.
  • We accommodate special dietary needs for children, and we implement our healthy eating policy at all times.
  • Children brush their teeth after their main meal, and wash their hands before every meal.
  • Staff sit with the children during meal times to encourage good eating habits and social skills.
  • Children are encouraged to serve themselves and assist during tidy times.
  • We aim to have a low sugar, low sodium, and high fibre diet at all times.
  • The menu is a four week menu which is rotated and reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Our chef is fully HACCP trained.
One in five children (21%) go to school or bed hungry as there is not enough food in the home
Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Survey (2012)